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Angels paints are the perfect choice for any project. They are developed to meet the needs of Professional Painters while giving Do-It-Yourselfers an easy-to-use quality paint line. The products offer great touch-up ability so that re-painted imperfections will blend with the rest of the painted surface. They have a good wet and dry hide and are spatter resistant.

We concentrate of formulating top quality paints using only the best raw materials and years of manufacturing expertise that has been passed down through the generation of paint technology.

Decorative paints

1.Emulsion  paints

2.Textured paints

3.Felxtured paints

4.Marble Trowel

5.Satin & Silk paints

6.Gloss paints

7.POP paints

8. Matt Emulsion

9.Fire Retardant paint

10.Anti Rust & primer coatings

11.Wall Filler

12.Screeding paints

13.Graphitex paint


1.Standard Marine paints

2.  Epoxy Finish

3.Epoxy Primer

4.Epoxy Hardner

5.Epoxy Stoving Vanish

6.Anti-Skid Deck Enamel

7.Stoving Enamel

8.Floor paint

9.Road Making paint

10.Fire Retartant paint

12.Chemical Resistant paint

13.Auto paints

14.Nitrocellulose Thinners

15.Under coat(primer)


16.Cellulose base paint

17.Black Bituminous paint

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Angels Chlorinated Rubber paint

Angels  Chlorinated rubber paint is a medium chemical and acid resistant paint. This can be used on concrete, iron, Zinc, and wood.Packaged in 20ltrs and 4ltrs.

Angels Bitumen paint

Angels Bituminous paint;Black  is a solvent based, general purpose waterproofing method used for waterproofing steelwork, asphalt and wood, concrete and  water tanks. When dry it forms an odourless and taint free bitumen film. It is suitable for application to a wide variety of surfaces including steel, iron, lead. zinc, aluminium, concrete, stone and brock .Touch-Dry in 6 Hours, Fully Dry in 24 Hours.Packaged in 20ltrs and 4ltrs.

Angels Stoving Enamel

Applications: Angels Stoving Enamel  are used in the following areas: kitchen wares such as stoves, pot handles, plates, fridges. Others are hardware such as gun barrels, cutlasses, construction equipment, building materials such as door handles , roofing sheets , bolts, keys etc. Many household items like toys, fans, A/C, are also coated with stoving paints because of their excellent adhesion, smoother and harder surfaces on metals.Packaged in 20ltrs and 4ltrs.

angels epoxy vanish

Angels Varnish is a high-build coating designed for marine epoxy floor and exterior wood surfaces such as railings, doors or any surface where a clear, durable gloss finish is desired.

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